About “Friends of APN”

About “Friends of APN”

Friends of APN (formerly APN Alumni) is an interactive online platform for YOU — individuals that contributed to APN’s achievements over the past two decades in pursuing its grand vision of enabling countries in the region to address global change challenges through science-based response strategies and measures, effective science-policy linkages and scientific capacity development.

Over 6,500 people engaged in APN-supported activities via more than 100 APN-funded projects and through other in-house activities such as Proposal Development Training Workshops and Science Policy Dialogues — and that is within APN’s Third Strategic Phase (2010-2015) alone.

The year 2015 marks APN’s 20th anniversary and the start of the Fourth Strategic Phase (2015-2020). To celebrate this milestone occasion, we launched Friends of APN for individuals like you — whether you are (or used to be) a young scientist engaged in an APN project or event, or a project leader/collaborator that is helping advance APN’s vision and mission, or otherwise became associated with the APN family through its activities and events, or even if you are completely new to APN, we invite you to join the Friends of APN Platform and become part of this dynamic online community of researchers, decision makers and practitioners from the Asia-Pacific region.

The global change community is increasingly seeing transdisciplinary research towards co-designed goals as a crucial way to generate knowledge that better informs decision, and thereby helps societies to address the global change and sustainability challenges of our times. Therefore, it is our intention to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas necessary for supporting collaboration towards shared research goals through Friends of APN.

With Friends of APN, you can:

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