What would you have to say at the “Common Futures Climate Change Conference”

What would you have to say at the “Common Futures Climate Change Conference”


Coming up in July 2015 is THE conference of the decade. In the same year as major decisions will/have been made on disaster risk reduction, sustainable development goals (SDGs), and post Kyoto agreements; how would you perceive capacity building for climate change in the Asia-Pacific region? What has been done? What hasn’t been done? Where are the gaps and what will/should the future bring to capacitate the developing nations in the region?

I am asking these questions because the APN will convene a parallel session at the COMMON FUTURES CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE (http://www.commonfuture-paris2015.org) on the challenges of capacity building in the Asia and the Pacific as related to climate change. We’ll be featuring climate adaptation, the need for low carbon initiatives as well as discussing the many related achievements under our capacity development programme, CAPaBLE, in which we have over 12 years of capacity under our belt.

But, we know this isn’t enough and we want to hear from you. What are the gaps, needs and most important issues for capacity building in South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and the Pacific.

Let’s hear your story and maybe it can become a part of ours at the parallel session in July 2015.

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